Eye-catcher in the modern bathroom – the decorative tile

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Eye-catcher in the modern bathroom – the decorative tile

Eye-catcher in the modern bathroom – the decorative tile

The wall tile can turn any room into a stylish eye-catcher. Where dull square tiles eked out their existence just a few years ago, today, the decorative tile with its robust design is a real eye-catcher. You have a wide range of design options depending on which decorative tile you choose. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or the guest toilet – be creative and use the decorative power of a high-quality retro wall tile.

A magical eye-catcher in the kitchen, bathroom and guest toilet – the decorative tile in retro style

The wall tile with the floral decor in a retro look is trendy. This allows walls of all kinds to be laid in an individual arrangement. Set accents and lay out the surfaces to be decorated in vertical or horizontal bands. But the freestyle look is also in great demand and becomes a real eye-catcher with a high-quality wall tile. In Grandma’s bathroom, the classic floral border was still decorated. Of course, good taste is crucial. Anything that pleases is allowed. If you like, you have 1,001 ways to make your space more beautiful and inviting with full-size decorative tiles.

The retro wall tile is perfect for large areas in the kitchen, bathroom or guest toilet and is predestined for shower and washroom areas. Depending on the visual quality, you can additionally stage these functional areas. Use the numerous decorative options, whether with subtle prints or in an extravagant style.

Rectangular or in bar format – the modern wall tile has a lot to offer

With beautiful cut decors, you can structure surfaces in just a few simple steps. With these stylish accents, the feelings are perfectly matched to the design of the respective basic tiles and thus “quite incidentally” raise the value of your space. Select Infinite Leisure for your swimming pool tiles suppliers in Dubai. Minibars or decorative tiles in XXL format – impressive dynamics can also be achieved in wall and ceiling areas in landscape format. Depending on the arrangement of the decorative tiles, you can make something great out of the respective space.

The retro decorative tile in a mix of formats – setting specific accents

You can create a livelier look in the room simply by using staggered bonds. The remarkable thing about this is that the transverse edges of the decorative tile in the respective consecutive rows of tiles form regular or irregular staggered gradations as required. At this point, the popular herringbone pattern is worth mentioning as an example. If you like it even more colourful and stylish, you can combine the wall tiles in different sizes with the glass mosaic tiles. If this shows enlarged structures and prints, a highly decorative mix is ​​created that “conjures up” an exciting picture. Check out more at our EDM Blog.

Good taste decides

Whether you want your decorative tile to have a Mediterranean, floral or extravagant graphic look, the right wall tile offers unlimited design potential in small and large rooms. You can choose the colour of the respective decorative tile in a stylish contrast to the existing wall tile or opt for a uniform colour scheme. To enhance this simple overall picture creatively, there is the option of using a wall tile in a different colour to be installed at a smaller or larger distance from each other. With creativity and craftsmanship, you can create an impressive retro style in almost any room with small and large format tiles that you will enjoy for a long time.