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How To Go To Dragon Mart Dubai By Metro

How To Go To Dragon Mart Dubai By Metro

Dubai’s Dragon Mart is one of the world’s largest Chinese trading hubs located at Dubai international city. With over 4000 stores spread across 1 million square feet, Dragon Mart offers everything from household goods to clothing and electronics, all imported from China and sold at wholesale rates.

Getting to Dragon Mart is easy using Dubai’s metro system. The red line takes you straight there with a stop right at the entrance. Here is a step-by-step guide to using the metro to go to Dragon Mart Dubai:

Step 1: Get to a Metro Station

There are 49 metro stations along Dubai’s red and green lines. Major transit points like Rashidiya, BurJuman, and Mall of Emirates connect multiple lines. Find the closest and most convenient station to your location. Parking and cabs are available at most metro stations. Using online journey planners can help map routes. Know more about metro map Dubai.

Step 2: Purchase a Nol Ticket

Standard Nol tickets cost around AED 7-8 per ride. Get it from the ticket counter or vending machines located in every metro station. Keep the card after use as it can be recharged and reused later. Consider 1-day or 30-day Nol passes if making multiple metro trips.

Step 3: Board the Metro on the Red Line Towards Rashidiya

Trains headed towards Rashidiya on the red line stop at Dragon Mart metro station. Confirm you’re on the correct platform by checking metro route maps displayed in stations. During peak hours, expect some crowding as trains arrive every 6-7 minutes.

Step 4: Disembark at Dragon Mart Station

Dragon Mart metro station is on the red line after International City and before Outlet Mall stations. Listen for announcements as the train approaches so you can exit. Getting off at Dragon Mart means you have arrived at your destination!

Step 5: Exit and Walk to Dragon Mart Entrance

Leaving the metro station, you will find Dragon Mart Dubai directly ahead about 600 ft away. It has its own metro footbridge leading right to mall’s entrance area. Follow walking signs guiding you there or the crowds heading to shop.

And that is all there is to it! Overall the metro ride from central Dubai only takes about 20-25 minutes making getting to Dragon Mart quick and hassle-free. The metro is also comfortable with air conditioning and designated spaces for luggage cargo making shopping excursions easier.

Helpful Tips for Visiting Dragon Mart

Here are some additional pointers for making the most of your metro trip and shopping excursion to Dragon Mart Dubai:

  • Bring cash – Many Dragon Mart vendors offer better prices for cash payments rather than credit cards
  • Go early – Try to get there right at 10am opening to beat crowds and have first pick of goods
  • Wear comfortable shoes – With over 4000 shops spanning two massive floors, you’ll be walking a lot
  • Plan check-in baggage – Purchase more items by planning to check-in excess cargo at the airport on your flight back
  • Download the mall app – Dragon Mart’s app helps you navigate shops and deals plus has a click & collect feature
  • Know what to buy – Electronics, bedding items, homewares, and fabrics are competitively priced goods to target
  • Haggle politely – Haggling is expected but stay friendly for the best bargaining results

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Dragon Mart

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about accessing and shopping at Dragon Mart Dubai:

Is there public transit that goes to Dragon Mart besides the Dubai metro?

Dragon Mart is only accessible by car or the metro as there are no direct public buses that go there. Some private shuttle buses provide transport from select Dubai hotels to the mall. Ride share taxis can also drive you there.

Where do I catch the metro red line coming from the Dubai International Airport?

Coming from Dubai International Airport, get the metro red line at Terminal 1 or 3 stations located at the airport itself. Make sure you are boarding in the direction heading towards Rashidiya station.

How reliable is the Dubai metro system? Are there ways to check for delays?

Dubai metro trains are very modern, efficient, and consistent in reliability with over 99% on-time performance. Real-time service updates are available on [] or the RTA Dubai smart apps showing accurate train times.

Can I bring a large checked-luggage size suitcase on the metro in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai metro trains feature designated storage spaces by the doors for oversized luggage like checked suitcases. So feel free to roll these on to the train rather than lifting them. Just avoid blocking doors or aisles.

Do I need to bargain prices at Dragon Mart or are costs fixed?

Unlike other Dubai malls, haggling is both accepted and expected for getting the best deals at the largely Chinese wholesale vendors in Dragon Mart. Do focus your negotiations on bulk quantity purchases.


In summary, reaching Dragon Mart in Dubai is straightforward using the convenient metro rail system. From any point in the city, just hop on the red line heading towards Rashidiya and exit at Dragon Mart station. Follow exit signs over the connecting footbridge into Dragon Mart, then shop from 10am to 10pm daily. Just allow extra time to transport all your great finds back home on the metro!