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LEARN WITH CASH 7 photography tricks to always look good

LEARN WITH CASH 7 photography tricks to always look good

Today we bring you seven professional photography tricks to look good in all your snapshots. Yes, as you read it! With these tricks you no longer need to be a model or influencer to come out with the best poses on your Social Networks. Let Instagram get ready!

Photography tip #1: Use natural light

The first trick we bring is closely related to light. We must use natural light to make it flattering, and not only that! It is also highly recommended to take advantage of the golden hour of the day, that is, when it is getting dark. In this way, the last rays of the sun will give a different and very warm touch to your photos. In addition, certain cameras will allow you to play with light to create really beautiful photos, take a look at our article on key aspects to consider before buying a camera.

Another important issue is that it is not recommended to use the flash because it gives that artificial touch that we want to avoid, in addition to the fact that the “flash” can blind you and leave you with your eyes closed.

Photography trick # 2: Avoid shine on the face

Closely related to the previous point is this photography trick . We must avoid glare on the face with flash or direct lighting : it can dazzle you or simply enhance parts of your face or body that you prefer to hide. Also, if we are not wearing makeup, that unwanted light will be much more noticeable. In this aspect, you can count on some photographic element to deflect direct light, such as photographic umbrellas. Learn more about kupujemprodajem.

Photography tip #3: Try to go natural

When we are not comfortable or the posture is too forced, it shows and goes beyond the screen. That is why we must relax and try to come out as natural as possible. You can choose to move so as not to feel the pressure of the camera, look right at something behind the camera, or look away, in interesting mode.

Also, it would be great if the person on the other side of the camera gives you tips so that you get the best version of yourself, especially if you have confidence or if you know how to get the best out of yourself. In case you face the camera alone, remember that there are remote controls that will help you get the best of you.

Photography tip #4: Get to know yourself!

Getting to know each other is very important to bring out your best face. You must know what your good side is, what you want to hide and what you want to enhance and, in this way, you will be able to take care of everything from the wardrobe to the pose with which you are in front of the camera. In addition, we are convinced that you will gain confidence in front of the camera, and that, as we have been telling you, it shows!

Photography trick #5: Do something with your hands

One of the things that makes us most nervous is what to do with our hands, why not hold or play with something naturally? This way we will work on that natural and spontaneous pose and it will look much better. In case you don’t know what to do, remember that you can always cross your arms if it is a professional photo and, if it is spontaneous, you can pick up your mobile pretending that you have been caught red-handed.

Photography trick #6 Potato no, cheese yes

The following photography trick gives a lot to talk about! How many in the room have left with their mouths open when saying “potato”? Therefore, we recommend that you simply say “Cheese” or “Berlin” , in this way it will seem that you are smiling and you will come out more radiant in the photographs.

Photography trick #7: Tousle your hair!

The last photography trick goes for people with long hair and try to mess up your hair. On many occasions, we don’t know what is going wrong for the photograph and it may simply be that the hairstyle does not fit the environment. For this reason, a quick change of look can be more than flattering : as you will be having fun holding your hair, it will come out naturally and, in addition, it can be an incredible photo.

Of course, these are all photography tricks to get you posing in the best possible way , but there are two key ingredients to making your photos work. The first is a photographer who knows how to get the best out of you and the second is a camera that adjusts to the environment or the type of photographs you need. Take a look at our products! Are you ready?

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