NBA Youngboy Kids: Delving into His Discography, Origins, and Career

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NBA Youngboy Kids: Delving into His Discography, Origins, and Career

NBA Youngboy Kids: Delving into His Discography, Origins, and Career

NBA Youngboy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, is a dynamic figure in the world of rap. His life and music reflect the experiences of a man determined to rise above challenging circumstances. A major part of his narrative revolves around his children, often referred to as NBA Youngboy kids. Through his discography, it is evident that he is a doting father and that his kids play a significant role in his life and music.


YoungBoy’s discography reflects his raw talent and dedication to his craft. His music gained attention with his early mixtapes like “Life Before Fame” and “Mind of a Menace”. However, his real breakthrough came with his 2017 mixtape “AI YoungBoy”. Since then, his prolific output has included several successful albums, such as “Until Death Call My Name” and “Top”, further establishing him in the hip-hop industry.


Born as Kentrell DeSean Gaulden in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, NBA Young boy experienced a tough upbringing, which has strongly influenced his music. Living in a neighborhood known for its high crime rate, he channeled his experiences into creating music that resonated with many, setting the foundation for his unique and emotive rap style.

Date Of Birth:

NBA Youngboy was born on October 20, 1999. Despite his youth, he has demonstrated resilience, a strong work ethic, and remarkable talent, propelling him to significant recognition in the rap industry. His young age serves as a reminder of the potential that exists for early success with dedication and drive.


NBA Youngboy’s music primarily falls under the hip hop genre. However, his style also draws elements from southern rap, trap, and gangsta rap. His music frequently incorporates raw, emotional lyrics, reflecting his personal experiences, and aggressive beats that underscore the intensity of his narrative.


Known predominantly as a rapper, NBA Youngboy is also a gifted songwriter, expressing his life experiences through his music. Additionally, he is a dedicated father to his children, a role that he regards as one of his most important. His kids frequently feature in his songs and public persona, illustrating the significant place they hold in his life.

Years Active:

NBA Youngboy has been active in the music industry since 2014. Even though his career has seen ups and downs, his drive and passion have kept him going. His perseverance is apparent in the significant body of work he’s released in less than a decade, solidifying his position in the industry.


Youngboy started his music career independently but later signed with Atlantic Records in 2017. This partnership led to the release of his chart-topping albums. More recently, he established his own label, Never Broke Again, which not only showcases his own music but also supports other emerging talents.