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New BMW Car Logo in 2022 Everybody Willing To Know

New BMW Car Logo in 2022 Everybody Willing To Know

New BMW Car Logo – In the first months of 2020, the new BMW logo was presented, which is actually a real refreshment in the automotive market. The old company logo has been in use for the last 23 years, and today the company offers a new design solution for its fans. At the mere mention of BMW cars, our association is speed, quality, durability, consistency, comfort. The company has been paying great attention to design and its visual identity for decades, and now some radical changes are taking place in this domain.

First of all, the changes are related to the fact that the company logo has been changed.

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Of course, what is recognizable, what is practically the heart and soul of the company and its previous identity, has remained the same – the combination of white and blue in the middle, as well as the shape that the logo has. Interesting topic to know more about polovni automobili.

Colors and contrasts have been changed, the outer circle of the logo will now be white, and the interior completely transparent.

In this way, BMW indicates that it will strive to adapt to the new age, that it will focus on modern, young customers, and that it is not afraid to change if it will bring additional quality and prestige to both the company and those who will drive these cars in the future.

In this way, the company wants to start a new era in its business, during which the focus will be on the development of electric car models, and for that reason the first BMW car model with the new logo is the electric i4 model.

The company’s management points out that the changed logo will be more modern, will bring a refreshment to the company’s visual identity and will attract many young enthusiasts, four-wheeler enthusiasts who will be able to easily fit new BMW models into their lives and identities.

New trends and trends in the market require companies to be flexible, to adapt to demand and customers, and this is what the BMW company has recognized as very important and in which it is one of the best companies.

The new logo also symbolizes a new beginning, a new era in which we will, we hope, pay more attention to protecting the planet, and increasingly develop electric cars, as the best alternative to existing vehicle models.

A new logo for new customers and new challenges that await BMW in the coming period.

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