Outdoor sports: The most practiced With the arrival of spring

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Outdoor sports: The most practiced With the arrival of spring

Outdoor sports: The most practiced With the arrival of spring

With the arrival of spring, the good weather begins and the desire to spend more time outside, enjoying nature and practicing outdoor sports increases.

These types of activities not only help us disconnect from day-to-day worries, they are also a fantastic option to keep fit and be able to socialize.

In addition, in Spain we are lucky to have a large number of natural spaces where we can practice sports in the open air. Whether we like water sports, such as kayaking, surfing or diving, or if we prefer land sports, such as football, golf or climbing, we can find an ideal place to practice it. Interesting topic to know more about kupujemprodajem.

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Benefits of practicing sports outdoors

Everyone knows the health benefits of practicing some physical activity, but did you know that when you practice outdoor sports, these are multiplied?

Thanks to contact with nature and being in an open environment, mood improves, as does self-esteem, which encourages a greater release of endorphins. Being in a natural environment, with less pollution and less crowds, our oxygenation is better, helping to balance our emotions and achieve a state of greater peace of mind.

The release of endorphins not only gives us a pleasant sensation and helps to relax the muscles, it is also a powerful tool to reduce anxiety and stress. It could be said that practicing sports outdoors is like a natural relaxant, which helps us to focus on the here and now, leaving behind the rest of the problems and worries.

Similarly, increasing sun exposure enhances the production of vitamin D, which is very important to improve our immune system, bone health and prevent cardiovascular pathologies, among other diseases. Although you must always be careful with solar radiation, avoiding the central hours of the day and using appropriate clothing, sunscreen and properly hydrated.

All this also affects the quality of sleep, which is influenced thanks to the improvement of our mental, emotional and physical state.

The most practiced outdoor sports

If you would like to start practicing an outdoor sport, but you do not know which one is best suited to you, take a look at this list with some of the most practiced:


The bicycle is one of the favorite options of the Spaniards to practice sports in the open air and is increasingly used as a means of transport in large cities, where it is almost impossible to move freely by car.

Both in its mountain version and on the road, in groups or individually, it is increasingly common to see cyclists practicing this sport outdoors. This is due to its great versatility to adapt to all levels, allowing you to vary the degree of difficulty, intensity or duration of the ride.

In addition to being an excellent outdoor sport to be able to enjoy the scenery, thanks to the bicycle we can work on resistance and all the muscles of the human body without the joints being greatly affected.


Another favorite option for outdoor sports is skating. A very complete physical activity with which, in addition to practicing cardio, we work on coordination, balance, reflexes and concentration.

As with cycling, this outdoor sport does not harm your joints either, as long as you wear the right protection. It can be practiced alone or in company, and like cycling it can also be adapted to all levels.

You can choose to skate quietly along the promenade or a park, enjoying nature, or if you feel ready, go to a conditioned space to perform all kinds of pirouettes and tricks.

To run

Without a doubt, running has become the fashionable outdoor sport. No matter where you go, the beach, the mountains or in the middle of a big city, you will surely see more than one runner practicing this sport.

Although running was initially considered a solitary activity, this sport has evolved in recent years and many people are left to run in a group, turning this outdoor sport into a social activity. In fact, they exist, we can find groups on social networks or even APPs to find like-minded people with whom we can go running.

Also, unlike other outdoor sports, the initial investment to start practicing it is very low. It will be enough to have good running shoes and comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely.


Whether in the sea, in a lake or river, swimming is an excellent option to start practicing sports outdoors.

It is an activity suitable for any age, which allows the body to work but with a much lower impact on the joints and muscles, improving circulation, flexibility, lung capacity, concentration and reducing stress, among others.

In addition, swimming in the sea is very beneficial for the skin, reduces inflammation, pain and respiratory problems, activates the metabolism and improves mood.

As with the previous sport, the investment required to practice outdoor swimming is minimal. Initially you will only need a swimsuit and some glasses, although the use of a hat is also recommended.

Another variant of this outdoor sport is diving, although the investment required to practice it properly is greater, since the use of a neoprene suit, fins, weight belt, tube or oxygen bottle is recommended.


Along with running and cycling, hiking is another of the most popular outdoor sports in recent years. More and more fans enjoy walking through nature while observing the landscape.

It is a very complete physical activity, in which almost 90% of the muscles that make up the body are activated, and which can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their age or physical condition.

In Spain we have a large number of routes and trails for all levels, which makes this outdoor sport very accessible and ideal for practicing alone, with friends or family.

Other widely practiced outdoor sports

In addition to the activities that we have just seen, there are many other outdoor sports that are also widely practiced, but that, being more technical or requiring more equipment, have fewer followers. Some of them are:


What do you think of this list with the most practiced outdoor sports? Have you found one that goes with you or have you finally decided that you are more of enjoying the fresh air on a terrace in good company?

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