Step-by-step guide to getting started at $1000+ per month Fiverr

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Step-by-step guide to getting started at $1000+ per month Fiverr

Step-by-step guide to getting started at $1000+ per month Fiverr

In this article, I talked about my journey as a freelancer selling on the fiverr platform. Since posting this article, many people I’ve shared it with have been asking for advice on how to start their own five-sided hustle… so I decided to write this, an attempted step-by-step guide step by step for beginners to start as a freelancer on fiverr.

I have been selling writing services on fiverr for a year and a half. It’s my rush side, and I’ve gotten to the point where my hourly pay rate is consistently over $150+ per hour, I’ve made just over $30,900 since I started. It’s an amazing way to supplement my income without spending hundreds of hours a month, and I think it’s something almost anyone can do too.

In this article, my goal is to clearly outline every little step needed to grow a sideways five hustle to the point where you are able to generate over $1000 per month. I think it’s reasonable for anyone to be able to start with this guide and sell five, in a weekend (if you commit to making it happen!)

Many of these steps are supported by video tutorials I’ve posted on my YouTube channel. I’ll do my best to link to key videos that cover what you’ll want to do or work on for each step.

Hopefully this can become something like a beginners manual that people can follow to build a foundation and eventually scale a profitable freelance business in five for themselves.


Phase 1: Research, skills assessment, choosing a niche

Step 1: The first step anyone interested in making money out of five should do is do some research. I can’t tell you how many people expect to just create an account five, post a random gig, and the money start rolling in. It rarely works. You might be interested in how to rank Fiverr gig on first page of Google by Shaz Vlog moreover, you might be interested in our blog for more articles.

The first thing to do is spend some time getting a feel for the Market Five by researching the different categories and types of services people sell on the platform. There are hundreds of service categories, and within each category there are many different niches that people specialize in; understanding what exists should be your first step.

Spend a few hours clicking through the different categories and jot down gigs and sellers that might interest you on your own.

Step 2 : The second step you need to do is to do a little skills assessment. Most of us have full-time jobs, and with a full-time job, you’re often expected to complete hundreds of different tasks on a daily basis. When offering services on Fiverr, sometimes it’s best to offer VERY specific services for sale, the reason being that it’s easier to sell things on the site that way.

For example, if you work as a customer service representative in your day job, you probably take phone calls, compose emails, resolve disputes for clients, write presentations, and many other things. When selling on fiverr, I recommend that you identify a specific skill that you have experience in and offer that as your gig. In the customer service rep example, perhaps you could offer email writing, PowerPoint presentation design, or cold calling/script writing services each as their own gig out of five.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which skills you have that would be profitable to sell out of five, here’s a link to a video where I describe 7 skills that I think are currently in high demand. Check it out, and if any of these match skills you think you already have, this could be a great starting point for you.

Supporting YouTube Video : 7 Skills You Can Sell on Fiverr

Step 3 : Once you’ve done a bit of research and spent some time thinking about the kinds of skills you have that people might want to buy out of five, it’s time to choose a niche. It’s very important to make sure you create some level of brand consistency between the different gigs you offer. For example, I specialize in copywriting, so all of the gigs I put on are related in some way to copywriting. It helps me build authority and trust with buyers because when they come across my profile, they feel like I’m an expert in a specific niche.

Alternatively, if you don’t pick a niche and just offer a bunch of random gigs in different categories and niches, people might feel like you’re not an expert and choose to work with a vendor who does. is instead. It’s my opinion, if you want to offer gigs in a bunch of different categories, you should. I just feel that in a super competitive market like fiverr’s, anything you can do to make yourself look better than the competition helps…and I think specializing in a niche is one of those things!

Phase 2: Creating a Fiverr profile and posting your first gig

Step 1 : Once you know what you want to offer for sale on fiverr, you need to create your profile. It’s SO important to spend time making sure your profile looks great. Your profile picture, description, skills you list, all of this should be carefully thought out and written to give buyers the best first impression possible. I recommend using a photo of yourself for your profile picture, filling out your description with information about yourself, your past experience and the skills you can offer them, and adding relevant skills and experience in profile.

Many buyers rush through this, and because of this, they don’t get as many orders as they would like. Your profile is sometimes the first place buyers look to decide whether or not to hire you, it’s SUPER important. Below is a link to a playlist I created on YouTube where I review and give tips and suggestions to help people improve their five profiles (totally free), if you have need help, check out this playlist and i’d be happy to help.

YouTube Video Support : Fiverr Profile Tips/Reviews

Step 2 : After creating a professional looking profile, you need to create and publish your first gig. Just like your fiverr profile, making sure your gig looks professional and error-free is essential for people to actually buy it. I recommend that you create a professional-looking concert thumbnail that is both informative and pretty. Include 2-3 samples of your absolute best work (if any) in the gallery section to help showcase your skills. And write a description of the gig that helps you sell your services (include: what the gig includes, your experience, and why they should choose you).

Here are some videos that walk you through the different steps of creating a solid five-year-old gig yourself. If you’re having trouble designing, you can hire someone out of five to help you out.

YouTube Video Support : How to Create a Fiverr Gig That Sells

YouTube Video Support : Tips from a Fiverr Graphic Designer Gig

Phase 3: Increase gig impressions and get your first order

Step 1 : Increase gig impressions

The most common thing I hear from new five-year-old sellers is that it’s been a few weeks, or a few months, and they still haven’t received any orders. This is a situation almost 100% of new sellers find themselves in, and it sucks, but you can fix it!

The misconception a lot of sellers have is that after you create your profile and work, you just leave things alone and let the orders start rolling in.

FALSE! After creating your first gig, you need to monitor it to see if it actually generates interest. If it’s seen, but people just don’t buy, maybe your prices are too high or you’re just beaten by the competition.

But if your gig isn’t generating interest and impressions and views are low, you might want to consider editing your gig to affect its visibility in search five. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, that’s what I’m talking about and it definitely applies to fiverr, just as it does to sites trying to rank highly in Google.

The first thing I think you should do when trying to edit your gigs to improve their SEO is to research keywords related to your gig, and review the titles and descriptions of other top sellers. Try to understand what keywords they include and how they have formatted their gig descriptions, use this to create a unique gig description for yourself following a similar framework. Here is a link that shows you exactly how to do it.

Support YouTube Video : Tweak Your Fiverr Gigs to Get More Impressions

YouTube Video Support : Gig Tags You Should Use on Fiverr

Step 2: Get your first order of five

If your gig is getting impressions and people are watching and messaging you, but still no orders… we may be facing a “you” problem here. But don’t worry, there are things you can do to help here. Often people with little or no sales experience find it difficult to “close the deal” so to speak on fiverr…and believe it or not there is a need to “close” as a seller on fiverr, over 50% of my customers Message me with questions and try to negotiate with me before placing an order.

Here’s a guide I’ve created that outlines the 3 main types of buyers on fiverr and the strategies you can use to sell to them, a useful starting point for anyone struggling to make their first sale. Remember, you want to be helpful, patient, and provide as much value as possible…one thing buyers hate is being in a rush to make a purchase. (remember this)

YouTube Video Support : 3 Types of Fiverr Buyers and How to Sell to Them

Phase 4: Increase your $ earned per hour, optimize and grow your business

Assuming you’ve gotten to this point, you probably already have a bunch of five orders coming in and your revenue is slowly starting to increase. That’s awesome and congratulations to you! But everyone likes to make more money. Everyone likes to do more per hour. And everyone loves taking their business to new heights!

At this stage of your fifth journey, you’ll want to start finding ways to save time by completing projects, managing your five workflows, and doing five related things. It was at this point in my fifth experience that I was able to increase my earnings from $40-70 an hour to well over $100, $150 and even $200 an hour. I spent a lot of time analyzing my workflow, tracking how long it took to process different types of orders, and streamlining how I communicated with my prospects.

Step 1: The first thing you’ll want to do is start tracking your orders, by project type, gig, length of time, and hour worked. Below is a video where I walk through the spreadsheet I use to do this, check it out, I recommend you create one for yourself and start tracking!

2nd step:The next thing you want to look into is how to save time communicating with buyers, delivering orders, and performing repetitive tasks. I focused on automating (as much as possible) all communication with early-stage prospects, who might have a lot of questions but are still a long way from making a purchase. I used the fiverr quick reply feature to do this, I created templates that answered the most common buyer questions, and I was able to almost instantly save a lot of time every day by answering repetitive buyer questions. Link below to a video showing the types of templates I use for my clients, check it out

Step 3 : At this point you should have a pretty well oiled machine with fiverr. Once you’ve found success and determined a workflow that works for you and helps maximize your income, you’ll want to start thinking about scaling up. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to offer new gigs for sale, add upsell opportunities through gig extras, and raise your prices (if possible).

When looking at new gigs that you can offer, I always recommend finding a new gig that is relevant (on brand) with the types of services you are selling in your other gigs. For example, I started out writing emails and my second job was writing LinkedIn posts. Similar, but different enough that a buyer might be interested in buying both gigs from me.

The new gigs are great, they allow you to create more SEO juice on your profile and also serve as an additional landing point for buyers to find you and return to your profile and other gigs.

I created a video tutorial that outlines the process I went through to grow my writing business on fiverr, one of the steps in this tutorial is how to brainstorm and launch a second, third, fourth gig and beyond. The link below may come in handy when you’re ready to kick off additional gigs.

Step 4 : Creating new gigs is great, but increasing your prizes is also something you should look into as you start building your Authority, earning ratings, and progressing through the five tiers. As you gain experience, your skills improve, better quality work costs money…and you should take advantage of it. My main gig started at $5 and is now priced at $35. Test the waters with small price increases to see how buyers respond, keep raising your prices until you get to a point where you think a price increase might cause you to lose business.

Conclusion: I know this was a lot of text, but I hope this is very helpful for anyone looking to grow a business on fiverr. If I missed anything, or if you think there are steps that should be included here, let me know in the comments. Happy selling!

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