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Suzuki S-Cross 2022, with the “Strong Hybrid” version

The Suzuki S-Cross 2022 is totally new, with an attractive visual image twist, as well as an environmental one. Another of its many novelties is that it will launch a new non-plug-in hybrid version called “Strong Hybrid”.

The new generation of the S-Cross is now on sale, which is Suzuki’s compact SUV , recognizable among other things for its great versatility , adding hybrid engines and updating all its connectivity, comfort and safety technologies. Know more about honda ne shitje.

This 3rd generation experienced an interesting update in 2016 (2nd generation) that has remained alive until now, with the launch of the model in 2013.

We now find ourselves with a totally new Suzuki S-Cross that has made an attractive visual and environmental turnaround , clearly designed for the European market, already introducing “AllGrip” all-wheel drive and the new ” Strong Hybrid ” technology.

With similar dimensions, it gains a lot in the presence

It is manufactured at the Hungarian plant in Magyar, practically retaining the dimensions of the previous generation, although it grows somewhat in height and width, maintaining the capacity of its trunk.


S-CROSS 2022

length m Width m Height m battle m trunk liters
  4.30 1.78 1.58 2.60 430

The new visual presence of the S-Cross has gained a lot in robustness and attraction , with a less crossover image and much more all the way , emphasizing its appearance with fine anodized aluminum finishing bars that are housed in its roof.

Its new front end is presided over by a new and elegant grille that incorporates a thick chrome strip at the top that is divided by the brand’s main logo and, in turn, unites the new “multi-LED” optical headlights that provide to the car a remarkable daytime light signature and incorporate its 3 independent spotlights.

Its new bumpers show metallic parts that simulate very striking underbody protectors, as well as its new quadrangular wheel arches that border its oversized rims.

Likewise, at the rear the new personality is evident and is expressed with its new transparent pilots.

Total modernization of its interior

Opening the doors of the new Suzuki S-Cross 2022, one immediately detects a new and elaborate three- dimensional dashboard that incorporates a large floating touch screen of up to 9 “ (7″ as standard), which houses the infotainment systems compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

It also has voice recognition , bluetooth technology for “hands-free” calls or to listen to streaming music. All the information about the car is also displayed in terms of its on-board computer, online hybrid system, 360º camera views (in the top finish), keeping the air conditioning controls independent off the screen.

If the S-Cross has always stood out in something, it is in its interior versatility , it comfortably accommodates 5 seats, including front and rear armrests , heated front seats (optional), adjustment of the folding rear seats in two positions , optional panoramic sunroof, etc. .

hybrid gasoline engines

The new range of the Suzuki S-Cross is made up of the well-known 1.4 Boosterjet engine (129 hp) with direct injection and turbo , to which an efficient SHVS (“Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki”) system of light hybridization is coupled. Mild-hybrid ” , which integrates an ISG generator (Integrated Starter Generator) with an electric motor function that is powered by a small 48V lithium-ion battery .

With this combination, a significant reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved and fuel consumption is also reduced , obtaining an additional electrical torque when the driver requests it, recovering energy through friction during braking and deceleration, disconnecting the thermal engine always in neutral and lowering the revolutions to idle when decelerating.

This set has a 6-speed manual gearbox that can be automatic (optionally), always with 6 relationships, as well as front-wheel drive and 4 × 4 optionally “AllGrip”.

In the second half of 2022 , a new hybrid version (not plug-in) called “Strong Hybrid” (HEV) will be launched , also adding connected services in the model.

This system will combine a newly developed heat engine with a motor-generator linked to a robotic gearbox (Auto Gear Shift or AGS) with a controlled clutch. It will work both in hybrid driving and in electric driving, thus lowering fuel consumption and harmful emissions. For its part, all the force of the motors is transferred directly to the transmission shaft to produce a great sensation of smoothness of the change, recovering kinetic energy to convert it into electricity, and thus increasing the range of possible circulation in 100% electric mode.

This new “Strong Hybrid” will provide two driving modes : ” Standard ” which makes the combustion engine work more frequently for energetic driving, and ” Eco ” which makes the electric motor more preponderant, improving fuel consumption efficiency.

Trim levels and prices

Marketing in Spain is structured into 3 levels of equipment :

  • “S1”: access level, which includes:
    • traditional air conditioning
    • seats of fabric
    • brake assist
    • rear camera
    • adaptive cruise control
    • slope retention control
    • instrument panel with a 4.2-inch screen
    • speed limiter
    • 17 inch wheels
    • multifunction steering wheel
    • seven-inch touch screen
  • “S2”: which adds to the previous level:
    • rear traffic alert
    • heated front seats
    • dual zone climate control
    • blind spot detection
    • automatic headlights
    • automatic wipers
    • front and rear parking sensors
    • fog lights
    • keyless start system
    • leather-wrapped steering wheel
  • “S3”: which is completed with:
    • 360 degree camera
    • 17-inch wheels with polished surface
    • nine-inch multimedia screen
    • solar roof

It lands on the Spanish market with a retail price of €28,545 (without any discount).

Prices (PVP) of the Suzuki S-Cross 2022 , without discounts, promotions or institutional aid:

1.4T 129 hp 6v MHEV €28,545 €29,745 €33,145
1.4T 129 CV Auto 6v MHEV €33,405
1.4T 129 hp 6v 4×4 MHEV €30,422 €33,695
1.4T 129 CV Aut. 6v 4×4 MHEV €35,200

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