Top 5 Best Application Allows You to Find Best Restaurant Around You

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Top 5 Best Application Allows You to Find Best Restaurant Around You

Top 5 Best Application Allows You to Find Best Restaurant Around You

When we go out to eat we want to go to the best place that fits our budget and tastes, that is why we always go to places that we trust or that have been recommended to us, but when we are thougth of going to the same places, or especially when we are sightseeing, visiting other cities, we have to find out which are the top best restaurants, and here our Android device features are a great ally.

If we don’t want to blindly enter the first restaurant we come across on our walk, we can use one of the many restaurant search engines that we can download from Google Play. And since there are quite a few applications, here is a selection of the 5 best applications to search for restaurants and bars on Android : Best Restaurants In The World In 2021.

Google Maps

We start our selection with Google Maps because it is an application that is installed by default on most devices. With the Google maps application we can search for the closest restaurants by making queries such as “restaurant”, “Italian restaurant”, “Japanese restaurant”, “tapas” and co. We have an option to filter the results by rating/reviews to see only the best places on the map.

Within its search engine we find the Explore section , so we will find different selections to go to lunch, snack, dinner, etc… showing the most popular sites for each moment of the day. In each file of a restaurant we will see its information, photos, popular hours and reviews.


TripAdvisor is the most popular travel guide in the world, in which we will see its logo on the doors of many restaurants and hotels. Its application allows us to select the type of establishment in which we want to eat and apply numerous filters to locate the closest restaurant that best suits our tastes. In the file of each restaurant, you can see their information, photos and comments. Check out more interesting articles on our site EDM789Auto.


Yelp is another great alternative to find any type of business, but especially for restaurants and bars. Your search engine allows us to filter the results by price, if they are open at the moment, if they accept reservations, if they have any current promotion and by characteristics. In addition, Yelp allows you to sort the results by rating or distance, and see the results on the map. There will be no lack of evaluations from its large user community. There is a very delicious Pakistani restaurant Sharjah review give by Pet Pooja.


Foursquare is one of the best known applications to find places to eat, go shopping or party, also with a large community of users behind leaving reviews. Its search engine has numerous filters, it allows us to see the results on the map and different sections to locate the restaurants of a type of food or service.


Lastly, we have TheFork to search for the best restaurants around us, which includes different sections, the price list and a powerful search engine with numerous filters. It allows us to see the ratings of its users and those of TripAdvisor. ElTenedor currently stands out in the numerous offers that we can find in many restaurants.

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