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Which Indian Restaurant Is Good In Dubai for foodies

Which Indian Restaurant Is Good In Dubai for foodies

Dubai is known for luxury and opulence, so it should come as no surprise that there are excellent Indian restaurants in Dubai for food lovers. From traditional dishes to modern interpretations, these restaurants will offer something for everyone. Here’s a look at five of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

What to Order at an Indian Restaurant in Dubai

When you are in the mood for some delicious Indian food, there is no need to travel far from Dubai. Many of the city’s best Indian restaurants can be found right here in the city. And if you’re looking for something special, don’t forget to check out the Punjabi restaurants.

Here are a few suggestions for what to order at an Indian restaurant in Dubai:

Start with an appetizer like samosas or pakoras. These tiny dumplings filled with either vegetables or meat are a great way to get your taste buds ready for what’s coming next.

If curry is your thing, try one of the many popular varieties available on the menu. There are chicken curry, lamb curry, and veg curry options, so you’re sure to find something that tastes great.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, order a thali meal instead. This consists of several different dishes served on a plate along with rice and naan bread. It’s a great way to sample lots of different Indian flavors without spending too much money.

And finally, if you want something sweet but not too heavy-handed, order some bhel puri or samosa chaat. These snacks will give you just enough sweetness without weighing down your stomach later on. Panoor restaurant Dubai is an Indian restaurant, which is one of the best restaurant in Dubai for Indian food.

Different Types of Indian Restaurants

There are many different types of Indian restaurants in Dubai and each one offers a unique dining experience. From the ubiquitous tandoori restaurants to the more upscale Himalayan spots, here are five types of restaurants that you should try if you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine:
1. Tandoors: A classic tandoors restaurant is a must-go destination for anyone visiting Dubai. These establishments are typically small and intimate, with low ceilings and an open kitchen where chefs roast meats over an open fire. The menu typically includes options such as kebabs, chicken dishes, and naan breads. Check out more at our Blog.

2.Chicken Kebabs: If you’re looking for something a little bit different, consider trying chicken kebabs at a local chicken kabob restaurant. These establishments specialize in skewers of marinated chicken breasts that are then grilled to perfection. You can also expect to find variations on traditional Pakistani dishes like biryani on the menu here, so be sure to check it out!

3. Pakistani Restaurants: Pakistani restaurants in Dubai are some of the most popular options for diners looking for authentic Pakistani cuisine. These establishments tend to serve extensive menus that include starters like samosas and main courses such as curry dishes and naan breads.
4.North Indian Restaurants: North Indian cuisine is another popular option in Dubai, with restaurateurs catering specifically to residents from this region of India. Dishes may include items like tikk

The Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai

There are many different types of Indian cuisine, so it can be hard to know which restaurant to choose when dining in Dubai. However, if you’re looking for a good meal that won’t break the bank, some of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai are Rumi’s Tandoori House and Bombay Bazaar.

Rumi’s Tandoori House is a family-owned restaurant with an extensive menu that includes both tandoori dishes and traditional Pakistani and Indian meals. The food is delicious, and the prices are reasonable.

Bombay Bazaar is another great option if you’re looking for authentic Indian cuisine. This restaurant has a wide variety of dishes, from mutton tikka masala to prawn biryani. The prices here are also very reasonable, making it a great choice for budget travelers.


If you’re someone who loves to eat out, then you’ll definitely want to check out some of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai. Not only are these places delicious, but they also offer a great variety of dishes that will leave your taste buds happy. Some of the top Indian restaurants in Dubai include The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s Zandali restaurant and Taj Majlis buffet, The Rotana – Jumeirah Beach Resort’s Roti Sadan Indian Cuisine, and Park Hyatt Dubai’s Rasika India Restaurant. Which one will you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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