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Opel Rocks-e, the mini electric car

Opel Rocks-e, the mini electric car

The new Opel Rocks-e joins the brand’s small urban vehicles, being a compact two-seater that is very quiet, practical and fully electric.

Taking advantage of the synergies produced by belonging to the Stellantis group, Opel has launched its new Rocks-e in the image and likeness of its “cousin” Citroën AMI, designed for fully urban use in a sustainable manner as it is fully electric with its two seats. Know more about Mercedes benz v class ne shitje.

The Opel model has thus been generated for access to its range of electric vehicles, below the Opel Corsa-e, even thought of as a small means of urban transport , affordable and with very low maintenance.

The name “ Rocks ” comes from a long tradition of this manufacturer, which has used it in multiple youthful and casual versions of its urban multipurpose vehicles such as “Adam Rocks” or “Karl Rocks”, in which an urban SUV was intuited.

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The Opel Rocks-e fully replicates the image of urban mobility created by the Citroën AMI and is aimed primarily at classic scooter or mini car users, with the advantage of its protection against the elements, its sustainability by not emitting CO2 and, furthermore, its possibility of being able to be driven from the age of 15 with the AM permit for 50 cc mopeds .

Its image is practically identical to the AMI except for the brand logo (Opel Vizor) and the use of very distinctive 14” wheels , although maintaining the asymmetric door opening that characterizes this design (the driver’s seat opens in the opposite direction and that of the passenger in the traditional way), which, without a doubt, simplifies the production of the model in the factory.

It is a two-seater with a small luggage, whose dimensions are very contained (practically half of a standard parking space ) greatly facilitate its parking in cities as well as its maneuverability (turning diameter of 7.20 meters).

Its weight is also very low with its 471 kg (including the battery and without the driver) and it has a 63-liter capacity pseudo trunk that is more of a storage space.

OPEL ROCKS-E Length m Anchura m Height m WEIGHT KG trunk liters
  2,41 1,39 1,52 471 63

With these compact dimensions and its large hinged opening windows, it has a panoramic glass roof that provides high interior light with great visibility to the outside .

Great breadth

Its two seats are slightly displaced so that the passenger has a comfortable space for his legs and the driver can move his seat longitudinally without hindering the passenger’s vision.

Its considerable roominess is surprising : ample height space for the heads that even accepts people over 1.90 m , a space of 63 liters for luggage at the foot of the passenger and a hook for large shopping bags (XXL ).

The driving position is very simple, with a digital instrument panel that shows speed, the driving mode that is selected (Drive, Neutral or Reverse), battery charge level, remaining autonomy and mileage.

It has some practical details , such as several storage compartments on the dashboard and a mobile phone holder on the center console.

Its practical use is enhanced by the “myOpel” app and all its operational functionalities.

An accessible model with efficient propulsion

Its 8.2 hp (6 kW) electric motor located on the rear axle is powered by a 5.5 kW/h capacity battery that gives the Rocks-e a range of up to 75 km (WLTP) thanks to to its light weight.

Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 45 km/h and it incorporates a 3 m long charging cable (which is stored in the passenger door), with which it can be charged from a conventional domestic plug in just 3 and a half hours. , although an adapter is offered separately that allows it to be recharged at public points.

There are three trim levels (“ Standard ”, “ Klub ” and “ Tekno ”) plus some optional customization.

It can be purchased directly online or at Opel dealers already in Germany , and its arrival in the rest of Europe is expected in the first months of 2022 . Although its current price in said market is starting at €7,990 , while the “Klub” and “Tekno” versions start at €8,790 .

A monthly financing cost similar to the public transport subscription (€20/month) is also offered, yet to be confirmed, also awaiting a commercial variant from this new Opel Rocks-e.

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