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We discover the 3 best Turkish restaurants

We discover the 3 best Turkish restaurants

Turkish cuisine may not be as popular as Mexican or Chinese, but it is delicious. Halfway between Mediterranean and Eastern gastronomy , justified by its geographical position and its tradition in the past, it is mainly known for the use of spices , meat and vegetables. In fact, the importance of spices is such that even in Istanbul they have a Spice Bazaar , the second largest in the capital and specialized exclusively in this product.

Among the most popular dishes that can be tasted within Turkish gastronomy, the aubergine salad , lamb with rice, dried legumes and, of course, kebabs seasoned with yogurt sauce, spiced meat and vegetables and fine vegetables stand out. Dolma and soups are also key dishes in Turkish cuisine . In fact, soup is eaten for breakfast in some of the most traditional homes in this country . Two of the most popular are Tarhana Soup and Iskembe Soup. Know more about Bosporus Turkish Restaurant in Dubai.

The chef from Damascus

For those looking for shawarmas in Barcelona, ​​Barcelona has a large number of places dedicated to this type of cuisine. However, few are as well known as The Chef of Damascus , directed by Salem Khabbaz and which has become very popular in the capital thanks to its taste and how healthy its dishes are. This is due to the fact that lamb and turkey meat are used, instead of the classic beef and chicken used in cheaper places.

The masterful use of spices, the delicious meat used and the special yogurt sauce with a touch of pickles make Salem Khabbaz’s kebabs and shawarmas some of the most desired in Barcelona. The place is simple, but with a beautiful Arabic decoration that invites you to go inside. It is located on Carrer dels Templers 2 , in the Gothic Quarter, and very close to the Jaume I metro stop. A few steps away there are tourist attractions, such as the Basilica of Santa María del Mar, the Güell Palace or the Paseo de Colón.

scents of istanbul

With this suggestive name and a very striking decoration, thanks to its colorful murals and continuous references to Turkey, this Turkish restaurant in Barcelona allows its diners to taste from simple kebabs to more elaborate and forceful combined dishes . The prices are average and there is space to be able to consume it locally, at some of the tables arranged near the bar. A mural of Hagia Sophia presides over the main hall.

Among the most outstanding dishes at Aromas de Istanbul are tsatsiki (yoghurt, cucumber and garlic salad), karniyarik (eggplant stuffed with meat and vegetables), pirzola (grilled lamb ribs served with a side dish) or köfte ( grilled meatballs). It is located on Rambla 67 , next to the Boquería market, and very close to the Drassanes metro stop. The Paseo de Colón is also very close to it, an ideal location for both tourists and residents of Barcelona.

Beautiful Istanbul

Turkish cuisine is often associated with cheap street food and this is not always the case,  Bella Istambul is an example of this. Beyond the classic döner that, of course, they also have on their menu, they offer their guests a space in which they try to transmit Turkish culture through gastronomy, the decoration of the premises and the shishas. Some of the essential dishes are Beyti Sarm (roast meat wrapped in flatbread), Ali Nazik (aubergine purée with yogurt sauce and diced meat) or Sekerpare (flour and almond paste buns dipped in lemon syrup ).

Bella Istambul is located on Passeig Sant Joan 57 , next to the Tetuán and Girona metro stops and close to mythical places in Barcelona, ​​such as Casa Milá, the Monumental or the Arc de Triomf. The Sagrada Familia is just 750 meters from this Turkish restaurant in Barcelona.

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